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Chunky Oak Garden Furniture & Oak Beam Benches

A match made in heaven, our oak beam benches complement our Oak Beam Table and will last just as long.  Made in the same way as our table, our Oak Beam Benches can be left outside all year, using the same care procedure. Our Chunky Oak Garden Furniture Beam Benches come in various lengths, allowing for versatility when designing seating arrangements for your table.

Chunky Oak Garden Furniture Beam Benches from OakfrescoAlternatively, our benches are very attractive when used on their own, placed in and around your terrace or garden for use as occasional seating.  Scatter with some brightly coloured cushions for an inviting seating area, encouraging people to sit and chat with a glass of wine or cool lemonade under the shade of a tree.

Oakfresco oak beam benches are made from solid oak beams, handcrafted in our workshop in the heart of the Kent countryside.  The oak used is green oak.  This means it is unseasoned and will go through a natural drying process, enhancing the inherent character of the piece.

The Many Benefits Of Such Chunky Oak Garden Furniture:

  • Low maintenance: Most people take furniture as a one-time investment, and do not want to get bothered about their upkeep. However, unlike oak, the other materials for garden décor sure require a lot of maintenance. The good news is, when you install an oak beam bench, you have to polish it only twice a year. Low maintenance cost definitely makes the material a preferred choice in every English home.
  • Heavy duty, yet affordable: ‘Strong’ and ‘long-lasting’ are the perfect words for chunky oak garden furniture. It can hold heavy weight and still withstand breakage. Oak is one of the sturdiest timbers, which also come at affordable prices. It lasts for years without its charm fading away. Other than that, it is resistive to surface stains and scratches, and makes the perfect solution for your garden.
  • Amazing appeal: It is classy, elegant and very aristocratic. It is what every standard English home would wish to have. It is conventionally unconventional and unpretentiously fashionable. Indeed, it is the most outstanding choice for decorating your courtyard. Yes, it is worth every penny you invest and lets you state your taste of style in wood.

Why Choose Oak Beam Benches From Oakfresco?

We craft oak beam benches to complement our range of oak beam tables and last as long. Indeed, this is a match made in heaven, and all conjured up to enliven the spirit of your garden. Our products come in a variety of lengths, allowing for versatility while designing seating arrangements for your oak table. Choose us because:

  • We offer you handcrafted furniture made of solid oak.
  • We make use of premier quality green oak, which is the most durable.
  • Our benches (12 feet and above) offer extra stability with a set of additional legs.
  • We are highly experienced and employ quality craftsmanship only.
  • We pay attention to details and have a thorough knowledge of the craft.
  • We provide quality, service and value without cutting corners.
  • Providing bespoke furniture is our passion, more than a profession.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • We are eco-friendly! Each tree is felled only after permission from the authorities has been acquired.
  • We design products keeping your children in mind. You will never find a sharp edge or rough surface when you choose an oak beam bench at Oakfresco.
  • Above all, we are authentic suppliers of chunky oak garden furniture.

Our products always bear a unique feel as we are ever in quest of innovative ideas. Our knowledge about the grading, seasoning and sourcing of the oak wood supports our creative work and help us assist you in setting up the right outdoor living atmosphere in the most efficient way. Would you like to buy an oak product form us?

For stability, an extra set of legs is installed into benches 12ft and above. For delivery charges, please select your postcode from the list below at the beneath the table price list.

Oak Beam Bench 4ft x 1ft £265
Oak Beam Bench 5ft x 1ft £295
Oak Beam Bench 6ft x 1ft £325
Oak Beam Bench 7ft x 1ft £350
Oak Beam Bench 8ft x 1ft £375
Oak Beam Bench 9ft x 1ft £400
Oak Beam Bench 10ft x 1ft £430
Oak Beam Bench 11ft x 1ft £455
Oak Beam Bench 12ft x 1ft £535
Oak Beam Bench 13ft x 1ft £565
Oak Beam Bench 14ft x 1ft £590
Oak Beam Bench 15ft x 1ft £620
Oak Beam Bench 16ft x 1ft £645
Delivery Costs: Select Post Code
*Delivery and installation is free to London and the Home Counties only. Customers will have to call for a quote for delivery cost to anywhere else.See Delivery Page

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